March 29, 16.00 Beijing time
The Conference aims to help inbound tour operators to grow their business.
Only practical tips from BRICS and Silk Road countries, who will share best practices and proven cases of success.
Speakers of the Conference:
  • Alla Peresolova
    Должность коротко
    Founder and the former head of the UNWTO program “Silk Road”, uniting 34 countries. She was responsible for the UNWTO´s relations with the major international fairs.

  • Alexandra Tusun
    Должность коротко
    Co-founded the platform INDY GUIDE with a vision to bridge the gap between global travellers and local hosts in the world's lesser-known destinations.
  • Julia Bush
    300 characters
    Expert in destination marketing and tourism development, dedicated to promoting authentic travel experiences and responsible tourism management.
  • Carlos Lott
    400 characters
    Renowned travel entrepreneur and advocate for responsible tourism. Founder of several initiatives aimed at promoting cultural exchange and preserving natural heritage.
Conference Program
Friday, March 29
16.00 – 16.25
Conference kick off
  • Welcome speech by the Ministry of economic development of the Russia Federation, the country which in 2024 enjoys the role of in BRICS countries zone.
  • Introduction of the World Tourism Alliance, a comprehensive, global, non-government and non-profit organization based in Hangzhou, China. You will hear the story of how World Tourism Alliance came to life, its mission and how it supports the businesses do to stand for its mission: Better Tourism. Better World. Better life.
16.30 – 17.05
Module 1. Silk Road to BRICS: Sharing best practices from the leading tourism brand of the world.
  • How” Silk Road” tourism brand came to live. Presentation by Alla Peresolova (Madrid, Spain), the founder and for many years the Head of UNWTO program “Silk Road”, uniting 34 countries.
  • What tour operators can do to sell their services more affectively through online platforms. Why some sell better than others. Presentation by Alexander Tusun, co-founder of Indy Guide, the leading online travel platform in Central Asia.
17.05 – 17.35
Module 2. Best practices of attracting partners. BRICS inbound tour operators experience.
  • How inbound tour operators can stand out when communicating with outbound partners. Sharing best practices. You will hear proved success stories and practical tips. Presentations by inbound tour operators from a few BRICS countries (Ethiopia, Egypt, Iran)
17.35 – 18.00
Module 3: How networking can help inbound and outbound tour operators find each other.
  • Presentation by World Travel Chat, a new B2B digital marketing platform which allows to create partnerships with verified members only. You will hear about the unique verification process, functionality of the platform and how it manages to unite Travel Associations, Travel Businesses, National Tourism Authorities and Places of tourism attractions.
  • Presentation by Travel Association Tour Help (Moscow, Russia). Networking opportunities with the Russian outbound tour operators.
18.00 – 18.30
Module 4: How networking platforms and digitalization can help inbound and outbound tour operators find each other.
  • Presentation by Chinese Association of Travel Services. What is required for doing travel business with China. Practical tips on building partnerships.
  • Presentation by a few Travel Associations from BRICS zone and Silk Road Countries, explaining why with the membership in Associations business can do more. How Associations promote the interests of their members in order to help travel business to focus on what they do best: making travelers happy.
How to join the Conference
The Conference is for authorized members only. Once you go through registration procedure, you will be provided with the conference link. This link cannot be shared with unauthorized participants, access to the Conference will be restricted.

You can join the Conference only if you are a member of one of the Travel Associations. Kindly study why this way by following the link.
The registration for the Conference goes via World Travel Chat.
Go to
Fill out the registration form. You will have to provide the information about your company
Wait for verification
(normally done within 24 hours)
Kindly note that World Travel Chat sees having verified members as its competitive advantage. We pay a lot of attention to having trustworthy organizations as the members of our community. By going through verification process yourself, you know that other members have been though the same procedure and share the same values
Receive a login and password to enter the Platform
Enter the Platform, accept terms and conditions
Accept the invitation to the Conference and land in the Conference Chat to enjoy networking opportunities
Create a profile for your organization to get full access to the opportunities World Travel Chat provides
Organizers of the Conference
  • World Tourism Alliance
  • World Travel Chat
  • Chinese Association of Travel Services
  • Association of International Cooperation in Tourism “World Without Borders”
With the support of
  • Ministry of economic development of the Russia Federation
  • Дальше логотипы ассоциаций
For all organizational matters, kindly contact

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